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Andy Dye Course
The course is masterfully laid out to take the golfer on a tour of the natural surroundings, as all the elements conspire to bring the golfer to his winning hole. For Andy Dye, his golf course is a canvas where the distinct natural patterns flow with the game, creating winning harmony - as a masterpiece of art.
The Andy Dye Course at Eagle Ridge was originally laid out to maximum advantage of the spectacular natural canyon winding through the course from "tip to tip" using traditional and classic golf design with the fundamental elements of risk and reward decision in shot making and its execution. The entire 18 holes are working together, offering unlimited, balanced and complimentary shot selection, creativity and mental discipline.
The natural canyon is fully utilized to enhance the design of each individual golf hole, as shots accurately and boldly struck neat the canyon edge. It offers significant advantages in distance and angle of approach over the shots played wide and safe of the canyon. It is risk and reward golf with such a dramatic and sometimes psychologically imposing natural feature. Bold & Beautiful!
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